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1. Response Papers: Students are expected to read at least one book by each of the visiting writers and to prepare a response paper

You want to accomplish two things with the response:

demonstrate you read one of the books

develop some well-thought out questions .

In addition to these two purposes, there is the possibility you could have some comments about the work that you would not want to make in front of the author. You aren’t required to like every book after all. So of course you want your critique to be thoughtful and evidence-based but if you have some things you want to say about the work that is better off not said in front of our guests, the discussion board is the place to do that.

Students are asked to post a response to each writer, preferably prior to the class conversation, in order that we can all be as ready as possible for that meeting. Further responses and counter-responses are encouraged.

( I post a requirement, but actually you don’t have to read all of the book. just some part of them and write a response paper. it only needs 250-300 words. It is not a hard work. And you just need ask writer 2 or 3 free questions. I don’t have the book, so you may need to find them. )

the book is

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