Teamwork for gore Module 5: Critical Thinking

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Module 5: Critical Thinking

Teamwork (90 pts)

One of the pioneering firms in the use of team-based approaches to job design is W. L. Gore & Associates. Gore has made Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for 11 consecutive years. It is one of only 3 firms that have made every list published by Fortune. The purpose of this exercise is to give you more insight about the working environment at this unique company. First, go to and read the material in the “About Gore,” “Diversity at Gore,” “Gore at a Glance” and “Our Culture” sections under the “About Gore” heading. Then read the material in the “Careers” section. Next, read the Fortune magazine article “A Job That Lets You Pick Your Own Boss” which profiles the firm’s management style. It is posted at:

Answer each of the following questions in detail, citing references from the course readings as well as the online articles in CSU-Global APA. Responses should be 450-500 words per question.

• How is the corporate culture of Gore different than other firms?
• How do associates function at Gore?
• How is the compensation program of Gore related to the concept of pay-for-performance?
• Would you like to work at Gore? Why or why not?

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