Advanced Word Functionality

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Assignment 3: Advanced Word Functionality

Objective: After the completion of this assignment, you will be able to employ advanced MS Word tools and functionality, including tables, graphics, and the mail-merge function.

Background: As an HR Professional, you will be required to utilize MS Word frequently in the production of various documents, ranging from drafting policies and procedures to drafting letters to employees for various reasons. Obviously, as a company grows, the volume of letters increases substantially and having the knowledge and skill to utilize advanced Word functionality will make your life substantially easier.

Instructions: View the tutorial labeled “Advanced MS Word” (at the following link xxxxxxx and housed in the “Tutorials Folder” on the course content page). Then complete the following tasks within Word:

1.Resume: Produce a professional resume and cover letter for yourself (no cheesy clip art). You should restrict it to one page but cover the spectrum of your professional experiences. You should include one photo of yourself, utilize 11-point Garamond font, with .75” margins on all edges. You should demonstrate use of bullets or numbering, and include at least one table.

2.Policy Manual: Draft a policy manual with the following policies included: Employment-at-will; EEO Statement; Harassment Policy; Time-off Policy (include vacation, sick, holiday and other leaves); Salary Administration (cover hourly v salary, review periods, overtime, time-off without pay); and a Progressive Discipline Policy. Include a cover page and a table of contents created within Word with hyperlinks to each policy. Number the pages on the center bottom. No Plagiarism – this is not a “cut-and-paste-from-the-internet assignment;” if they’re not your words, don’t put them.

3.Mail Merge: Draft a brief congratulatory letter to notify employees of their bonus. Using the spreadsheet from assignment 2, apply the mail merge function to create letters for each employee receiving a bonus; include name, address, and bonus amount as mail merge fields. Finalize the merge and submit the entire batch of letters. So the same with mailing labels; using the mail merge function, create mailing labels for each individual receiving a letter.

Deliverable: Submit your Word documents (4 in total) as attachments in the assignment dropbox by the due date. In total, you should have 4 documents: 1. Resume; 2. Policy Manual; 3. Bonus Letters; 4. Envelope Labels.

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