Individual: Microsoft Excel Troubleshooting Exercise

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Develop an Excel® application support checklist based on the learning team discussion points. This activity should be completed in Microsoft® Excel® and submitted as an Excel® spreadsheet.
Fill in your spreadsheet with content for each of the five issues, symptoms, and resolutions.
Format your assignment as an Excel® spreadsheet as follows:
•Use three columns (A,B,C).
•Format each column width to 50.
•Format all cells in these columns as text.
•Set all cells to Wrap Text.
•In the first row, merge and center all cells to create your title. ◦Bold text, Light Gray fill color for cell, and set text size to 16.
•In the second row, title your columns as follows in Bold text: ◦Issue (Column A)
◦Symptoms (Column B)
◦Resolution (Column C)
Submit your Excel® spreadsheet to the Assignment Files tab.

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