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Carefully read the assignment below. Answer the questions below using specific reasons which will defend the position that you are taking and your decision rationale. You must have a minimum of 2 paragraphs and a maximum of 4 paragraphs detailing your answer. Attach your response as a Word document and submit your assignment to me no later then 11:59pm Sunday Evening of the week assigned. Good Luck.

He was an ingenious technical skills teacher, a master tactician and an inspirational leader loved and respected by his team, but coach couldn’t organize his way out of a wet paper bag. His last two assistants quit because they never received any direction from him. Coach didn’t plan before the season, failed to organize effective practices, forgot to schedule the practice field, told his athletes the wrong departure time for a trip and was constantly late for practices and games. This discombobulated coach would be humorous if he weren’t so frustrating to all who depend on him to manage the team.

How good are you at managing your time? What areas do you need to work on -organization? Setting limits? Being realistic about how long things take? Minimizing distractions? Explain.

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