CPP: W5 Most compelling topics. 2nd response to Monique

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Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post concerning the most compelling topics in Criminology and Public Policy.

he most compelling topics learned in this course for me was the unit 1 discussion on why criminal justice policy has come dependent on evidence-based evaluation, and what role does accountability play when it comes to policies will it be good or effective. This was compelling to me because it taught me about criminal justice policies. Another topic that on the literature review of the sources that I used when I created my annotated bibliography. Before I took this course, I have never created my own literature review or bibliography. This course had taught me a lot about how to write a literature review.

Participating in discussions help me understand the subject matter by being able to read my classmates post I can get a better understanding of what it is that I must do if I don’t understand the assignment.

The approaches that could have yielded additional valuable information if there were more questions to be answered in the assignments, that would make for more valuable information to be learned.

I would be able to apply what I have learned to my future career aspirations, because I hope to be able to open a rehabilitation center for at risk juveniles, what I have learned will help me to know what area and types of juveniles that I could target. Also, it helps me to see that opening the centers in a major city is a great idea because in the inner city there is a larger population, which means there is more drugs and crimes in those areas, and more juveniles that I can reach.

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