Cyber: Is it land? No. Is it air? No. Is it sea? No. Is it space?

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Write a 250 word response in regards to the answer below.

Cyber: Is it land? No. Is it air? No. Is it sea? No. Is it space? No. By process of elimination I reach my point —- cyber, is a domain. Yes, cyber exists within all of the other domains, though air is above water, and we do not attempt to combine them. Water connects land. And space envelopes all other domains. Cyber might be man-made, but it still follows the laws of physics, yet is unique at the same time. It an an operating environment that requires new attitudes towards and study of. In fact, if cyber is not a domain of its own, what domain does it fall under?

Our readings show a stark contrast of opinion between Rattray and Libicki. Rattray embraces cyber as a domain, while Libicki asserts the opposite. Libicki (2012) infers that cyber is not a domain because if it so easily manipulated in support of it’s own defense, while Rattray states that in regards to cyber, “offense is easy, and defense is difficult” (Kramer, Starr, & Went, 2009, p. 272).

Libicki (2012) claims that “calling cyberspace a warfighting domain also promotes the urge to force-draft warfighting concepts from the earlier domains”. To me, Libicki seems afraid of the future; afraid of change. Rattray has a much more forward thinking approach, apparent in a concluding statement, “This new environment may require substantially different approaches due to its more mutable, human-driven characteristics” (Kramer et al, 2009, p. 274).

In my opinion the challenge to lawmakers with cyber is dealing with something completely new to them. The characteristics of cyber are foreign to most of us, and finding an appropriate balance of action is no easy task. While in 2017 cyber is considered a domain by the vocal majority, where is the line drawn? Where do the boundaries of cyber end? For example, is the electromagnetic spectrum it’s own domain or does it fall under cyber or something else?

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