PHIL200 (Narrated Powerpoint presentation about Euthanasia)

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For this assignment you will identify a current ethical issue with Euthanasia and suggest an approach to the issue that is consistent with each of three major ethical theories.

Format and Expectations:

The format will be a narrated PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides, and should include an introductory slide and a Works Cited slide following MLA Style. A minimum of 6 references are required, with 2 references per theoretical approach.

Sources: Use only scholarly articles and books found through databases online and other libraries. In general, keep quotes to no more than 2-3 lines in these relatively short papers.

Sources that should not be used in your research and writing include the following: Wikipedia. Any essay writing web sites and web sites that have [.k12] in their address. Study sites or aids such as Pink Monkey,,,,,,,,,,,, and any others like these

Attached is a powerpoint example.

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