Transmission of zoonotic diseases, what are areas of responsibility for public health professionals?

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Module 5 Assignment 2: Zoonotic Disease Response Paper

Becoming familiar with the environmental health factors that influence the transmission of zoonotic diseases and the areas of responsibility for public health professionals in responding to these events.

TOPIC: Anthrax Outbreak in Cattle–It has been reported by a livestock operation that cattle are dying from what seems to be a fast moving and unknown illness. Samples were collected and sent to a local university laboratory for analysis. The results confirmed that the cattle had ingested naturally occurring Anthrax spores. Over course of this outbreak, additional cases occurred on adjacent ranches, and by the time the disease was identified, more than 60 head of cattle were dead and at least 20 to 30 people were exposed.

To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources and the scenario the instructor provided you for this module. Think about your role as current or future environmental health/ public health professional and how you might address the scenario. Also, think about the responsibilities and services you may be called upon to carry out for the community.

To Complete:

Submit a 5-8-page paper addressing the topic you were provided.

  • Follow the instructions you received with the topic
  • Include an APA style title page
  • Include APA style headings for each section
  • Cite the sources within your text in APA style

Include an APA formatted reference list at the end of your paper.

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