Write a short refection statement after reading chapter 8 of the texbook ” Disputed Moral Issues” of Mark Timmons

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Write a short reflection statement after reading chapter 8. Response in writing to these items:

1/ How, according to Gill, do some philosophers argues that the moral foundations of the medical profession prohibit physicians from assisting in a patient’s suicide? how does Gill response?

2/ What are the social attitudes toward suicide that Callahan mentions? do you think these attitudes are appropriate? Even if they are, do you think that would show that something is wrong with suicide? explain your answer?

3/ Callahan worries that legalized physical assisted suicide gives physicians too much power to kill patients, including influencing patient decisions in wrongful ways. What reasons can you think of that a physician might have for doing this? do you think it is plausible that this could be a widespread concern? Explain.

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