Assignment: Organizational Behavior – Journal Article

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze and explain their roles as leaders in improving organizational effectiveness
  • Describe and develop human resource interventions that contribute to organizational competitiveness
  • This paper is an opportunity for you to reflect on your learning from the readings and discussions thus far in the course.

    Using the Davenport University Library databases (a good choice would be ProQuest Central) find a fairly recent journal article (2012 or later) that will add to your organizational behavior knowledge. Do not use articles that merely restate what we’ve already covered in class. Try to find something that puts a different ‘spin’ on the in-class material or goes into great depth than we did in class. The article need not agree with our textbook or assigned articles. Disagreement is often the basis of research and scholarship.

    After finding and thoroughly reading your article:

    Summarize the author’s main points

    Next explain how the article ‘fits’ into the particular MGMT653 topic area

    Then discuss why this article’s information would be useful to management practitioners

    Finally, write a conclusion (or a summary) that ties it all together

    Again, all business writing should be concise. Most students will be within the 2-4 page range for this assignment, not including title, abstract and references. 2-3 scholarly references.

    Your paper must be submitted according to APA 6th edition conventions.

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