Developing a Teaching Plan for Immunizations

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Developing a Teaching Plan for Immunizations

Directions For this Assignment, imagine you are working in a child immunization clinic, and have a parent who is reluctant to have their children immunized. Keeping this in mind, you will need to develop a teaching plan which should include immunization schedules from infancy to young adult. This paper should not exceed 3 pages in length, excluding title page, introduction, conclusion and reference page. This paper should adhere to appropriate 6th edition APA format.

The paper could be laid out with the headings in this box, but must include the rubric content.

Suggestions after paper introduction


Outcomes/ Goals


Vaccination Information Teaching Plan Content


Age due

Importance (name virus, transmission, damage),

Benefits (protection against organism- could address duration of immunization)

Risks/ Adverse Events ( ADRs)

Side Effects

Add rows as you need to. I created a table in Word- very easy. Do NOT use Excel. Remember that the benefits and risks of each vaccination should be clear, along with the schedule. This is a teaching plan that should be useable in and of itself, not a just a paper on the importance of vaccines. You must have a schedule that you create or you can include it in the content table as so. Creating the table helps to learn it.

If you choose narrative, vs table, you still must address each vaccination and it must include the rubric information. If you use the table you still have to look up each vaccine, but you can make brief comments in the boxes- stress on the brevity ok- not multiple sentences.

Be sure to read the rubric to have ALL of its content requirements clearly evident in the paper

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