FIGHT CLUB- masculinity research paper

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English 102

Research Paper

8-10 pages

200 points

The study of
literature, as we discussed in class, should be relevant to you and enlighten
your view of yourself and the world around you. For your research paper, you
will pick a topic of your choice – a topic that you find personally enriching
and fascinating and relevant to the novel Fight Club – and analyze how
your understanding of that topic enhances your reading of Fight Club (and
vice versa).

You will choose your
own topic, and you will devise your own question for this assignment. This
novel deals with many different topics, so you should be able to devise a
research question around this novel that draws upon your own interests. For example,
sociology majors may want to investigate the role of masculinity in the novel.
(What are contemporary definitions of masculinity in American society, and does
this novel support these definitions?) Psychology majors may wish to use the
DSM IV to learn more about D.I.D. or schizophrenia or some other disorder, then
“diagnose” the lead character with one of these illnesses. (From which mental
disorder does the main character of Fight Club suffer?) Political
science majors may explore the seeming paradox of anarchy and rules, capitalism
and communism. (Does Project Mayhem more closely resemble an anarchic group or
a communist institution?) English majors may enjoy analyzing the haiku in the
novel. (How do the haiku in the novel reinforce or subvert the stated
objectives of Project Mayhem and Fight Club?) Philosophy majors may enjoy
contemplating the Buddhist or religious allusions or the epistemological
considerations of the novel. (How do we know who we are?) Economics majors may
analyze the extensive symbolism of supply side economics.  Students of architecture can analyze the
buildings in the novel. Science majors can think about the ecological
considerations of the novel.  Biology
majors, “This is Jack’s colon!”  The list
is endless, and these are merely examples of what students may choose.

The best essays
provide meaningful, complex analyses that draw upon classroom discussions but
are not based upon them. In other words, the best essays do not simply
regurgitate information presented in class; superior essays make new
connections and devise original interpretations. The best essays are also
organized; clearly written; and free of grammatical, syntactical, mechanical,
and stylistic errors and inconsistencies. Use MLA style throughout – from paper
format to a works cited page. You must use deductive reasoning in at least
one body paragraph and underline this portion of your essay.

This interpretive
essay will be graded on form and content. I expect these essays to be polished
examples of writing, free of grammatical errors, misspellings, and stylistic
inconsistencies. They will also be evaluated for clarity.
Above all, I expect to see original ideas and compelling analyses here.Think
deeply about the parallels between the book and the world around you.  (8-10 pages) (200

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