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1. Answer one question.

2. Include something other than “Question 2” as the title; it makes it easier for others to follow the discussion.

3. Respond to two other students.


1. What did historians think about the relationship between slavery and independence as well as the origins and implications of emancipation in Latin America and how has this changed?


2. What were the causes of the crisis of Brazilian slavery after mid-century?


3. Why did the creole elite in Peru oppose the movement of national liberation led by San Martín and Bolívar?


4. How was Cuba different than the other Spanish American colonies and how did slavery affect the movement for national liberation there?


5. How did slavery and the conflict between Liberals and Conservatives affect the early 19th century development of Gran Colombia?


6. How did the conflict over emancipation affect artisans and the role of their “democratic societies” in the political life of nineteenth-century Colombia?

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