Interdisciplinary Exercises

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There are three different essays that need to be completed. The instructions are as follows:

Your task is to discuss why an interdisciplinary approach is desirable to solving a particular research question. You will use three of the disciplines covered in the course (Geography and its sub-disciplines; Cartography; History; Anthropology; any of the Natural Sciences; Archaeology; Art/Art History; Economics; Philosophy and Religion; Political Science; Sociology; Criminal Justice; Psychology; etc.).

Your paper should contain a brief introductory statement indicating the problem you have chosen and the disciplines you will be using.

Your next paragraph should contain a summary of the discipline and its methodology, followed by a subsequent paragraph summarizing your second discipline (and an additional paragraph for each additional discipline).

The remainder of the paper should contain a brief proposal of how you might utilize each discipline’s methods to collect data useful for solving the problem, and then propose an integrated approach of the disciplines to create a study or resolution of the problem. In other words, how would you apply the practices and theories of the discipline towards a study of the issue?

The format and guidelines for each of the papers are as follows: approx. 2-3 pages in length; 12 point font; double spaced.

Assignment 1:

Select one of the following scenarios as a base for your review:

1. Designing a unified theme for the creation of an “old town” historical district in your city

2. A plan for the eradication of mosquito-borne illnesses in a coastal region

3. A commentary on a proposal to block city expansion past a certain geographical limit

4. A policy proposal for the limitation of electronic device use by young children

Assignment 2:

Select one of the following scenarios as a base for your review:

1. A proposal to ban certain industries inside city limits even though said industries would be located on private property

2. A proposal to issue city bonds for the building of a commercial water park

3. A plan to mediate between businesses and residents about zoning proposals in a mixed-use neighborhood

4. Creation of a summer concert series for your town or municipality

Assignment 3:

Select one of the research questions from the list provided below:

1. The effect of unisex restrooms in an elementary school setting

2. How to reduce the likelihood of ISIS or other Islamic terror groups from recruiting members in the United States

3. Ways to effectively promote a recycling program in a small town or rural community

4. Design of a business park that will integrate seamlessly into a residential area

5. A campaign to rename a city street after a historically significant person

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