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Please include a job application letter and a weblink to your job ad with the final draft of your résumé.

This first case requires that you play the role of an undergraduate student nearing graduation. (You shouldn’t have to reach too far to get into this one!) You are going to prepare a résumé for a specific job you would like to get. The job you are applying for has fierce competition, and the quality of your résumé will be the deciding factor. Your case #1 should be written specifically for that one job, including a clear, concise, and focused objective statement.

Helpful Hints:

  • Do not merely hand in your file résumé or a résumé that “got” you the job you have right now. It is more than likely that this résumé did not “get” you this job; that is, you got the job because you knew someone, you had a good interview, there was no one else, etc. The argument that your résumé deserves an “A” or at least a passing grade because it “got” you your current job, then, is faulty cause and effect.
  • Do proofread, proofread, proofread. Have your classmates or your mom or your spouse read your résumé over and over. Even one mistake will cause your résumé to be tossed, which in this class will be translated as a low grade.
  • Be consistent. If you are describing your duties, make sure to use the same verb tense and conjugation for each duty. For example:
    • Answered grammar hotline.
    • Created departmental Web page.
    • Updated files for Black History Month.
  • Use bullets correctly. Job headlines are for the positions you’ve held; bullets are for your duties.
  • Do list your positions in reverse chronological order. You may use past tense verbs for jobs held in the past, and present tense for jobs you have now.
  • Be concise. Describe your duties and your objective statement as concisely as possible while still being clear and effective.
  • Do not go over one page. Only in certain cases is this acceptable.
  • Do not include references. A simple “References available upon request” or something similar stated at the bottom will suffice.
  • Punctuate correctly and consistently.
  • Use appropriate font style and size. Do not use too many fonts or fancy fonts unless it fits the job for which you are applying.
  • Be conscious of white space. Too much is distracting; too little is maddening.
  • Do not necessarily include you GPA. Only in some cases is this desirable.
  • Do not use colored or heavy paper.
  • Do not overload your future employer with unnecessary information. Remember that case #1 is for one specific job, so your document should reflect what is needed for that one job.
  • Do check out the “Damn Good Resume Tips” Web site and e-mail me if you have questions.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to do case #1. Complete the assignment early and then come back to it a few days later when you have a fresh eye. You’ll be surprised at what you will notice about your own work this way.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper

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