Summative 2 After watching the two interviews of Stan, psychology homework help

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After watching the two interviews of Stan, one demonstrating a behavioral approach and the other illustrating a cognitive one, make two lists and label the first behavioral and the second cognitive.

Write the behavioral and cognitive interventions you saw illustrated or discussed in Corey’s two treatment interviews with Stan under the appropriate list. Your lists should tease out and separate the behavioral and cognitive interventions and techniques so that you can compare them. Make a brief statement as to what you think really distinguishes the two. What makes behavioral behavioral and cognitive cognitive? How do the goals of the behavioral compare or contrast with those of the cognitive?


  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Cognitive Interventions

The behavioral interventions listed focus on……and have the client….; whereas the cognitive interventions focus on….and have the client…. The purpose of the behavioral interventions are to…whereas the cognitive interventions are made in order to…..

Present your discussion as a written paper of 2 pages in a Word document

I have attached the two interview transcripts below because I could not post the view. Please use the two documents attached for this assignment.

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