Virtual Team Challenges

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Question: Virtual Team Challenges

  • Communications challenges
    • Policies and practices must support the work arrangements
    • Must prepare differently for meetings
    • Slides and other electronic material must be shared beforehand
    • Soft-spoken people are difficult to hear; managers must repeat key messages
    • Frequent communications are helpful (hard to “overcommunicate”)
  • Technology challenges
    • Provide technology and support to remote workers
    • Use high quality web conferencing applications
    • Clarify time zones for scheduling
    • Information should be available for everyone (cloud storage can help)
    • Policies and norms about use of the technology can be important
  • Diversity challenges
    • Concept of time differs throughout the world
      • Anglo-American cultures view time as a continuum (deadlines are important; many prefer not to multitask)
      • Indian cultures have a cyclical view of time (deadlines are less potent; many prefer to multitask)
    • Team diversity might need nurturing:
      • Communications differences
      • Trust building
      • Group identity formation


  • Need minimum 500 words
  • Need 3 APA References
  • No Plagiarism please

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