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Address the following and in particular whether or not Seale Air should introduce uncoated bubble or not? Why?

Please write 5 pages (and up to another 5 pages of appendix/exhibits) as a consultant to the organization in consideration of the case material only

12 point, double-spaced font, 1 inch margins on all sides, number all pages

Also, companioned with your case should be a 2 page executive summary (key points, what’s the problem,how to fix it, solutions, recommendations) in PowerPoint

Here are the questions for the case so not only by answering these questions but also analysis and solve the case

1- Describe the corporate culture at Sealed Air?

2- What arguments can be made for introducing an uncoated bubble? What would the CEO think of these arguments?

3- What would be the major problems to overcome if Sealed Air were to introduce uncoated?

4- Propose an introductory marketing program which overcomes these problems?

if you can relate your work to business model canvass (as attached).

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