different concepts of collaboration that might help to achieve collaborative advantage or collaborative inertia

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1) Each collaboration needs certain foundations to achieve collaborative advantage. Without clear

and shared bases the outcome might be collaborative inertia rather than collaborative advantage.

Based on B325 course material, discuss the six main bases for collaborative advantage

. With reference to the case, identify why BenQ initially wanted to join efforts with Siemens.

What can you say about the bases for collaborative advantage of this collaboration? Finally,

critically discuss what was the ultimate outcome of this collaboration .

Word limit: 750 words.

2) BenQ and Siemens come from two different backgrounds and cultures creating several

challenges. Critically discuss the main challenges that multicultural companies might face with

reference to B325 course material . What were the most obvious culture difference

challenges in the case of BenQ and Siemens? Were any actions taken to minimize the effect of

these challenges? . Word limit: 750 words.

3) Trust is an essential component for collaborative relations. To what extent was trust one of the

main components between BenQ and Siemens? Based on what you have learned from your

course material, explain how trust can be built and restored for a better collaboration outcome.

Word limit: 500 words.


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