educational presentation to present to a board of directors for a nonprofit organization

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This should be an educational presentation to present to a board of directors for a nonprofit organization:

  • actual practices of nonprofit board(s) compared to recommended best practices;
  • key recommendations for improving the performance of your board

This board is for a fictitious organization which needs help in a lot of areas. The power point should be 3 slides with information discussing (slide 1) the current (actual) practices of the organization compared to the (slide 2) recommended practices that should be followed. Slide 3 would just give recommendations for improving the board.

There are 5 members on the board and one Executive Director. Please talk about all 6 people in regards to what is being done and what needs to be done.

The members are as follows:

The Executive Director who is also a Clinical Director for the organization-A retired school teacher- A social worker from a large hospital, business analyst from a fortune 500 company, an accountant who owns their own tax business and a nurse from a nursing home.

This Organization is family owned and operated. It is dysfunctional and needs help in a a lot of areas.

I have attached some sites for you to ONLY use as samples—PLEASE do not copy from these sites. This is a final project that will be graded by the Director of the school. I tried to make it as simple as possible.

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