International Journal of Political Economy, annotated bibliography assignment help

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Please read the instructions on the attached paper , and i uploaded the brainstormas well.

professor Feedback on the brainstorm:

your upcoming annotated bibliography, you should begin searching for
research on customs unions, free trade areas, and preferential trade
agreements. There have been a lot of studies done that talk about the
best ways to design trade agreements.

Please be aware of the
difference between data and the literature review. To help you find
appropriate articles for your annotated bibliography, you may select any
articles from the list of approved journals:

1) International Journal of Political Economy

2) International Studies Quarterly

3) International Organizations

4) International Interactions

5) Review of International Organizations

6) World Politics

7) International Studies Review

8) International Trade Journal

9) Review of International Studies

10) American Political Science Review

11) Journal of Politics

12) American Journal of Political Science

13) Review of International Political Economy

14) European Union Politics

15) Journal of Common Market Studies

16) European Politics and Society

17) Comparative Politics

18) Presidential Studies Quarterly

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