Psychology Paper Assignment

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Suppose that you just taken a job as the new Assistant Principal of an elementary school.
One of the Principal’s long-standing policies at the school has been to recognize student
ability. When students do particularly well on tests, they get “I am smart” stickers that
they can wear in school during the day. Although the policy sounds good, and kids like
wearing the stickers, the Principal’s intuitions are that the program isn’t working quite as
well as he had hoped. He asks you to make a recommendation: Should the school keep
the “I am smart” stickers program, or perhaps should they replace it with something else?
What would you recommend?

Relevant scientific paper:
Dweck, C. D. (2007). The secret to raising smart kids. Scientific American Mind.
[can be obtained here…

Your assignment is:
(1) to describe the theory and research presented in the scientific paper that is
listed for your topic, and
(2) to explain how that theory and research addresses the applied challenge,
in other words, to explain how the psychological science (the theory and research
in the paper) might help to solve the problem faced by the person with the applied
The paper you write should be 3.5 – 4 pages in length. That would be the length
in font size 12, 1-inch-margins; double-spaced; this would equate to about 1200 words of
writing. In these 3.5-4 pages, you should be accomplishing the two asks above: (1)
describe the theory and research presented in the scientific paper you read (answer
questions such as: what is the main idea of the paper? What are the main research
findings supporting this idea?), and (2) explain how that theory and research can be
applied to the real world problem (explain what the person facing the applied challenge
might do differently if they knew about the theory and research in the paper). You
should probably spend about an equal amount of space on each of the two tasks; your
paper thus would have about 1.5-2 pages describing the theory and research that is
presented in the relevant scientific paper, and about 1.5-2 pages explaining how the
scientific information might be used to solve the applied problem.
Notes on the Readings: You do not have to do any additional outside reading for
the paper, that is, you don’t have to read anything except for the one paper listed as the
relevant scientific paper for your topic.


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