Write an essay about Climate change

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Write an essay about ( Climate change ) Length: 4 pages

Source texts:- Article of your choosing from Werman, M. PRI’s The World. Retrieved from https://www.pri.org/programs/the-world

Structure: Your essay should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. In particular, you should introduce the topic, give your perspective on it, and establish its importance. You can give your main point either in the introduction or in the conclusion. You can structure the body as you see fit, but please work on making your paragraphs cohere by using transition sentences.

Referencing: You should let the reader know, in the middle of your text, each time you use an idea or copy words from a source text. Also, give a complete list of source texts at the end of your paper.

Also please part 1 write 3 questions about the topic and personal connection then part 2 start writing the climate change essay i need it easy vocabularies and simple organization is important!! The essay should be comparing your own voice and support with information from articles and own main points.

Last thing i want presentation slides on the same essay Climate change with images and including short sentence n it

if it’s not clear let me know to explain more?

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