Create an iPhone app mockup. This mockup acts as a visual model to use in a product proposal. Using the storyboarding tool that comes within PowerPoint, design an iphone app.

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  • Tool: Microsoft PowerPoint, Storyboarding shapes
  • The mockup must contain at least six slides.
    • 1 slide with the app icon on the home screen
    • 1 slide that represents the loading screen
    • At least 4 slides that show how the app will function
  • To the left of each mockup screen, place action state(s) that the screen corresponds to from the To-Be business process diagram.
  • Create hyperlinks between your PowerPoint pages to simulate the app in action. You should build hyperlinks off of the buttons, not the text on the buttons. (Otherwise the text will be underlined, which does not look right).
  • Include your name as the wireless carrier instead of AT&T (in upper left corner).
  • Utilize the iPhone standards discussed by your instructor in class.

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