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I will send u a detailed email. Main product include Banana cake, blueberries cake, strawberry cake.


As a Founder and CEO of a company (preferably a hypothetical company (imaginary/assume/propose company) that you would like to create/own in the future), your team should creatively and innovatively create or design any product in the market and come up with a written report of a business plan of your new launch product in the market.

The guideline in preparation of your business plan report is given above. You can read through the Steps to Writing a Basic Business Plan, Written by Marc Parham, Business Development Consultant, Partec Consulting Group, You should use that guideline in preparation of your report.


The business selected in the market MUST be totally a new start up business and the product launch should be a new product in the market. DO NOT take any business that have been existed in market and DO NOT imitate any existing product that have been launched in the market and by doing so marks will not be awarded accordingly.

You may take any product that existed in market BUT innovation or modification should be done in that product and should be shown in the report as well.

Marks will be given in creation of creative and innovative product in the market.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper

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