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My primary book is M train by Patti Smith.

your list must include a minimum of 6 separate entries (your primary book text + 5 additional research sources drawn from the list below of types of sources that you are required to use in your essay) and each separate entry must be annotated with a 3-sentence descriptive summary of the source.

These are the source types you need to have on your list, one of each:

  • Another book (in addition to your primary book source)
  • An essay, article, or story from a periodical (magazine, newspaper, journal, etc.) (accessed online or in print)
  • A website
  • A film or video
  • A poem or song

See SampleAnnotatedWorksCitedList2 (1).pdf which I upload.

For essay

  • 6 full pages of writing, top to bottom
  • 12 pt double spaced text
  • Times font only
  • 1.25″ margins on all four sides
  • Page numbers in the bottom right corner of each page (using the auto pagination tool)
  • Minimum final word count of essay text must be 1800 words
  • Essay must include an additional page containing a fully annotated works cited list of at 6 entries (your primary source + 5 researched sources)
  • File type: doc / docx only

The Research Essay Thesis Paragraph: Patti Smith’s beautiful book known as the M Train, is a colorful narrative which speaks more about the losses dispensed out by time and conditions. She loses her husband who is a guitarist at the age of 45 who is known as Fred Smith caused by heart failure. A month later, this is followed by the loss of her brother known as Todd, due to a stroke. Again she loses her friend who as well happen to be her roommate in New York to AIDS. “—You have misplaced joy, he said without hesitation. Without joy, we are as dead” Smith, Patti. M Train (p. 76). This book speaks starting from a point during the time her kids is young and she usually touches things which are living to a period she gradually begin to recall and recollect instants of her past life in pictures and lyrics in order to create remembrances of the earlier life。 Ms. Smith, the Performer, writer and photographer, is extraordinarily accustomed to sound and enchantment of words, and her writing style here is both poetic and blissfully graphic. Like her well-known black-and-white photos mostly find in her book, the episodes of ‘M Train’ are thrilling light slides, bouncing, among the current and the historical, and from matter to matter. M Train is the track of interval the way places and occasions can be understood differently at different phases in one’s life.

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