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Proposal Report Presentation (15 points)

See Blackboard for a detailed schedule and grading detail for the project.

Topic for the presentation: Find a company of interest and identify a need or a tangible product that will assist in the company’s production, increase exposure and potentially create an additional revenue stream.

Sub-topics to include in your report/presentation: (Reference Chapter 15 in your textbook – pages 391-430)

  • Brief history of the company (name, type, industry, customer base, year founded, other key factors that clarify the role of this organization)
  • Close. Summarize key points, emphasize benefits and advantages of your proposed solution, and ask for a decision from the reader.
  • Cover Page
  • Work Cited

Statement of the Problem. Briefly review the situation at hand, establish a need for action, and explain how things could be better. In unsolicited proposals, convince readers that a problem or an opportunity exists.

Solution. Briefly describe the change your group proposes, highlighting your key selling points and their benefits to show how your proposal will solve the reader’s problem.

Scope. State the boundaries of the proposal – what you will and will not do.

Facts and Evidence. Give complete detail of the proposed solution and anticipated results.

Proposed approach. Describe your concept, product, or service. Stress reader benefits and emphasize any advantages you have over your competitors.

Work Plan. Describe how you will accomplish what must be done. Explain the steps you’ll take, their timing, the methods or resources you’ll use, and the person(s) responsible. State when work will begin, how it will be divided into stages, when you’ll finish, and whether follow-up will be needed.

Costs. Prove that your costs are realistic – break them down so that readers can see the costs of labor, materials, transportation, travel, training, and other categories.

Recommendations for company/corporations to incorporate your idea into their product line.

Formal Written Report

Written Assignment: Individuals will write a 10-12 page professional report to include the sub-topics listed above.

The written report should be constructed in a formal, third-person writing style (i.e. professional language, no contractions, no personal pronouns, no personal references to the group or group processes), include appropriate formatting, headings, margins, and in-text citations. Use MLA format style.

Contents of the Report:

Letter of Transmittal

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Full Proposal Report (See content listed above)


The written report must be submitted, in class, in a professional binder and online (Blackboard) on the link provided in Blackboard. The proposal report will be vetted through SafeAssign.

The written document MUST contain, at a minimum, 5 sources. The sources can come from websites, scholarly articles, journals, surveys, etc. Only 2 of the 5 sources can be internet based sources for your research proposal.

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