Research paper based on outline listed below for George Orwell’s Animal Farm

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Write a essay on the outline listed below.

MLA format

Document word count to total 900 words minimum not including works cited page

George Orwell’s “Animal Farm

Thesis: In “Animal Farm,” Orwell’s use of exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution convey a satiric theme of self-determination.

I. Orwell’s struggles in life that reflect as satire in this story.

A. Five months prior to the release of “Animal Farm”, Orwell’s wife passed during a routine surgery, pressure was exerted by a Russian spy, and publisher’s timidity further delayed his works release.

II. Exposition used as a method to introduce the characters.

A. The significance behind the animals and their meaning in the story.

III. Rising action and the key moments leading up to the Climax

A. Oppression in the farmyard leads to a rebellion in which a hierarchy is established.

IIII. Falling actions in the story and the influence they leave on the farm.

A. Under Napoleon’s tyrannical rule, the animals that speak out and their demise that follows.

V. The resolution of the story.

A. Although the animals despised the humans for how they treated them, in the end they ended up acting just like their oppressors.

VI. . Conclusion

VII. The works cited page.

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