write time line accourding to the requirements about the door windows and stairs

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In Power point

This project is intended to take you on a journey throughout the past and present, and prepare you for your future designs as we explore a plethora of design styles beginning from the Renaissance in Italy to the progression of interior spaces into the modern age.
The history of interior design is linked to the architectural history but incorporates elements of the decorative arts, including furniture, metalwork, glass, ceramics and textile. For the interior designer, this history generates an understanding of the unified way in which these things developed together in a particular historic period. It is considered a resource to generate ideas.
You are asked to analyze all the elements related to one of the below-mentioned topics/elements according to a time-line of Interior Design styles.
Your research should cover the functional and esthetic characteristics of the chosen topic/element in order to identify and formulate a comprehensive image of the style outlines like colors patters, furniture, materials, etc., case studies, and a conclusion on how to recreate the style.

Your research should cover the following:

1. Pre-Historic & Indigenous

2. Ancient World: Egypt, Greece, Rome & Persia

3. Middle Ages: Byzantine, Romanesque & Gothic

4. Islamic

5. Renaissance, Baroque & Rococo

6. Neoclassicism: Empire Style & Regency Style

7. North America: Colonial, Federal & Gothic Revival

8. Victorian

9. Turn of the 20th century: Arts and Craft and Art Nouveau

10. 20th century: a. Eclecticism b. Modernism c. Art Deco d. Post-war Modernism

11. 21st century: a. Late Modernism b. High Tech c. Post-Modernism d. De-constructivism

12. Other Design Traditions: China, Japan and South Asia

*classification according to Interior Design by John Pile.
following topic :

– Doors, windows and stairs.

Pile, J. & Gura, J., A History of Interior Design, (2013), Laurence King Publishing Ltd.; 4th edition, ISBN: 978 1 78067 291 5
Blakemore, R., G., History of Interior Design & Furniture: From Ancient Egypt to Nineteenth-Century Europe

Gura, J., Design After Modernism: Furniture and Interiors, 1970-2010

Furniture Design Now

Hinchman, M., History of Furniture: a Global View

Pile, J. & Gura, J., A History of Interior Design, (2013), Laurence King Publishing Ltd.; 4th edition, ISBN: 978 1 78067 291 5

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