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Please read part ( BLACK NATIONALISM & PAN AFRICANISM ) of the Ta-Nehisi Coates book, Between the World and Me. then write the following essays in very very sample words please never copy from internet and try to be clear

1- the first essay, write 5 paragraph about what you have you learned in this course ? African civilzation freedom .

2- the second essay, write 3 paragraph about impact women , religion has shaped , resisteice has shaped , black nationalism + pan Pan-Africanism actvism .

– out of this essay please write What is the difference between Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism? ( write it in single paragraph )

3- ( keys term ) talk about every words in general in 2 sentence :

-Chica da silva – Amy Garvey – Queen Nzinga – Aba riots – C.J. Walker – Babalowo – Nation of Islam – polytheism – The Great Awakening – Santaria – Black Loyalist – Freedom’s Journal – Berlin Conference – Plessey vs Ferguson – Denmark vesy Rebellion – bahia Muslim Rebellion – abbrayrayual – Robespierre – Dutty Boukmen .

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