Revise the Setup Instructions document attached.

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Writing, editing, and revising are different activities in the writing process. In some respects, revising occurs throughout the document process. But this exercise asks you to deliberately revise a document from different perspectives.

Revise this document

To complete this exercise, you must your assignments 2.

• Setup Instructions (Document attached)

Write a Revision Memo

As you revise your document, take each of the following aspects into consideration and write a one-page memo explaining what you have changed in the original draft.


o Is the order in which your material is organized appropriate for the purpose and for your readers?

o Are headings persuasive and/or informative?

o Can you think of a better/more logical way of presenting your information?


o Is your document complete, does it sufficiently meet your purpose and your audience’s information needs?

o Does your document contain all requested information?


o Do paragraphs have topic sentences?

o Do all the sentences in the paragraph pertain to the meaning you are building in the paragraph?

o Are your sentences concise?

o Have you avoided using long paragraphs?

o Have you avoided using jargons, clichés and slangs?

o Have you used concrete action verbs whenever possible?


o Are you satisfied with your choice of fonts and sizes? Are they consistent throughout the document?

o Did you use numbering and bulleted lists for quick comprehension when necessary? (Numbered lists are used for representing a sequence or reflecting a numbering system, such as the steps in your instructions; bulleted lists are used to highlight items that don’t necessarily show a chronology, such as the job responsibilities in your resume).

o Is the format consistent—font selected, size, placement, and content of headings?

o Are your visuals helping readers “see” and remember key ideas?

o Do all your visuals serve a practical function (as opposed to just being pretty on the page)?

o Are all graphics placed in the appropriate locations within the text?


o Have you checked for misspellings and for other mechanical errors, such as misplaced commas, semicolons, colons, and quotation marks?

o Are your pages numbered?

o Have you correctly apply APA citation style for all references (textual and graphical)?

Submitting Your Exercise

After you have completed revising your chosen document using the above checklist, write a one-page memo explaining what you have changed in the original draft. Submit both the memo and revised document in ONE word file. Attach the revised document to the end of your memo.

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