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The most important thing I have learned about writing a descriptive essay is that is very important to explain with details the subject you want to describe. To help write a good descriptive essay we can use the methods of perception: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. We can also use figurative language like similes, metaphors, or personification. In our daily lives, we normally use our five senses to describe sounds, views, aromas, flavors and textures. For example, to describe the look of our dog, I usually say that he looks like a bear because he is a 117-pound chocolate American Labrador Retriever. His chocolate color and big head makes him look like a grizzly bear. Some great examples of description were used in The Writer’s World Paragraphs and Essays book, pages 199-200, in an essay written by Christi Lester, a student, she describes how she felt when the fire was feet away from her house by using the following words: “the fire’s heat pricked my skin and suffocated me. My lungs filled with smoke, and I coughed and coughed.” Then she describes how she feels when her grandfather puts out the fire using the following words: “the spray of the water cooled my face, and it tasted clean and cold in my parched mouth.” It is very important to lean to be as much detailed as possible in a descriptive essay to help the readers envision what we are trying to say.

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