this is for my friend’s term paper

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This is for my friend’s term paper and he has done the proposal and needs you to do the
bibliography first then he needs to complete the term paper regarding his proposal
and the bibliography..
Term Paper: The
term paper will be about a topic of your choice that is related to I.S.
or I.T. A brief, one-page, written proposal explaining this topic must
be submitted for approval not later than 29 January.
An annotated bibliography of the references supporting your paper will be submitted electronically by on 19 February.
An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to references (books,
articles, and documents). Each citation is followed by a brief
(usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph [don’t forget to evaluate the applicability of the source to your topic] called
the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader
of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. (Olin and
Uris Libraries, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853). The term paper may not be a resubmitted product
from another course. Plan to keep the scope of this paper narrow and
select a topic designed to expand on the information provided in class.
Specifically, do not select material covered in the
textbook. Sources will be less than seven (7) years old. Completed
papers will be in 12-point type, double-spaced, and consist of not less
than six or more than ten pages (excluding illustrations, graphs,
charts, the cover sheet), and a reference list. Papers will be graded
on applicability, content, logic, flow, proper APA style and citations.

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