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Please answer the following questions before coming to class. This homework will get you ready to engage in a discussion about the reading/issues discussed in class.

1. Paredes lists the major points of what he calls the “Anglo Texan legend.” According to him, what factors have contributed to the origin of the legend’s stereotype? (5-6 sentences)

2. Look at the beginning of the selection. According to Paredes, how was border society structured? What advantages did that system have? (5-6 sentences)

3. The selection discusses the tension that existed between the Mexicans and Anglos in Texas. What are the origins of these conflicts? How did they manifest themselves? What were the final outcomes? (5-6 sentences)

4. Paredes refers to Gregorio Cortez several times, and the title “With His Pistol in His Hand” is an allusion to a famous ballad about Cortez. Research the life of Gregorio Cortez. Why is he considered a hero for the people who live on the Texas-Mexico border? (5-6 sentences)

5. Paredes mentions Professor Webb, the “most distinguished historian Texas has produced.” Does he characterize Professor Webb in a positive or negative way? Explain your answer and use textual evidence for support.


Homework Questions

Homework Questions

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

3.0 pts

Exceeds expectations

The answers not only contain the main points but go beyond them to provide a critique of their veracity. The writing is clear and measured.

2.0 pts


The answers contain most (75%) of the points that needed to be included. The writing is clear. Correct attempts to integrate the points.

1.0 pts

Minimally acceptable

The answers contain some textual evidence. Writing is not clear. The answers need to incorporate more information.

0.0 pts


The answers do not provide any textual evidence. The homework questions are incomplete. Multiple errors or complete failure to answer the questions.

3.0 pts

Total Points: 3.0

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