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Write an original play that runs for approximately 10 minutes. 10 PAGES. ONE MINUTE PER PAGE. This likely will consist of one or two scenes. Please do your best, however, to make this be a completed work, not merely an excerpt from a larger play. Please see the lessons within this unit for more on how to approach the development of a 10-minute play. could be comdey or a tragedy. please make sure its 10 minutes.

heres a link to help you write it: https://youtu.be/iasY5KlaPOo

“The 10-minute play is one-act play designed to be performed within approximately 10 minutes. The purpose of such a short play is to provide succinct action, allowing the audience to quickly move into the crux of a storyline.

As students of creative writing, developing a 10-minute play is one of the best exercises in developing creative drama. This will allow you to explore all the elements of writing a full-length play, but to do so in a shorter timeframe and while focusing on only one or two key scene”

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