discuss family rituals, key moments/memories

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PAPER – Turning Point Analysis/Interviewing- 10% We be working with the International students from two different classes. You will be asked to join together to discuss family rituals, key moments/memories, and you will write a paper regarding these. You may choose to do a comparison/contrast, deeper critical thinking piece, or a simple analysis.

  1. Your paper should be 5 – 10 pages in length with at least five citations in APA style (regular font, margins, etc.). down here some ideas that i want the writer to go with, ill need cfive citations, you can cite 2 ppl that i met with(like one of the chines girl and the second the Mexican guy) and its like about China when they take a percentage form the yearly income if you have more than 2 children(you can search that and cite it)
    Yijia Luo, and she goes by vivian, she has one younger sister, and she said in China they can’t have more than 2 children by each family, and if you did you will pay about 10 up 15 percent of your yearly income.
    Chem xinyi, she doesn’t have an American name, i was trying to pronounce the name but it’s too hard for me, she has no siblings.

    Both of the girls are missing back home, but at the same time they said not much, they said they can chat with their families daily within the new technology , and I really know what they talk about, it’s like the same for me, but thank you god for all of these useful applications, they took the old fashion phone calls, and make it something amazing, i can see, listen, and it’s a clear photo, this is really huge upgrade for the communication quality.
    And when I asked them about how there parents reacted when they were at the airport saying bye, both said mothers cried little bit, but as usual in every culture the men are more solid, so fathers didn’t cry, and when i asked them how did they react, both said they were way excited more than anything.
    And when I asked vivian about her remarkable birthday, she said with big smile my 13th birthday was amazing, as i understood from her the party was not just birthday, at the same time the family was celebrating because she’s a woman right now, or I would say big enough, and she said she had a lot of gold as gifts, and they gathered together, it’s like more than 100 people, that’s a big number of people attending 13 years old girl birthday, so because of that I believe this kind of events have a deep rituals and meaning for Chinese community.
    And on the other hand when I asked chem, she said her 18th birthday, that day was so special because clearly it’s her 18th birthday , and at the same year she went to the university, then she came her the the U.S. And she said they had a small party at her house with some cousins and close friends.
    Then I talked to Oscar, he’s from Mexico, he’s 25 years old, he’s here in the U.S since the beginning of 2014, as the same as me. it’s seems in Mexico they attend to have bigger families, similar to my country, which is Saudi Arabia, and he has 4 sisters and three brothers, and one of his sisters and two of his brothers are here. And when I asked him about his remarkable birthday, he said he’s 18th birthday, he spent the day time with he’s family, cooking and grilling, listening to music, dancing and having fun, then during the night he went out to party with his friend, and it’s legal to drink there within 18 years old. And when I asked him about who’s the one who talked to you about sex life, with a smile on his face he said he’s older brother, and he didn’t talk with his parents about this subject never ever, as me I didn’t have this talk with my parents, on my culture we are not really open to talk about this subjects with our parents.

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