first draft assignment

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Hello .

i need fist draft assignment, i’m not looking for high level writing, i’m looking for simple writing .


. choose one of the
topics below, Express your thoughts in a 300 word paragraph with at
least three major points for your discussion.

  1. Use of stereotypes to judge another human being can be detrimental. (Name three ways how.)
  2. Women are free to make any decision they choose that concerns their bodies(. 3 reasons why)
  3. Objectification of any woman is an insult to all women.(3 reasons why)
  4. Negative images of African Americans in the media perpetuate the myth of Black inferiority.(3 reasons how)
  5. Negative
    images of the cultural practices in the American media promotes that
    the American culture is superior to other cultures.( reasons )
  6. Racism promotes the belief that one group of people is superior to another.( 3 ways how)

thank you

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