how did the second wave of feminism effect black women

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the main question this paper is about is how Black women responded to being marginalized by these two different social movements (civil rights and the women’s movement)

i am comparing two specific Black feminist groups that emerged as a result of the experiences of being marginalized in both the Black liberation and women’s movements. has to have primary sources like their original writings, texts, artwork, manifestos, poetry, etc. etc. i want to look at how Black women responded to this marginalization. i used the national black feminist organization and the combahee river collective. the paper also needs to describe a policy black women went through like reproduction rights or welfare.

primary sources are very important

The paper should be a minimum of 20 pages, double- spaced, using 10- or 12-point font and margins no larger than one inch. The paper should utilize parenthetical citation and have a complete bibliography. This means that everything cited in the paper must be in the bibliography, and all items listed in the bibliography must be cited in the paper. The page length does not include the bibliography.

the paper needs outlines

attached is a power point presentation

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