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Need help writing a one page for both part 1 and 2 questions. Attached is human resource and account/finance SAW, which are completed in 3.0 and 4.0. Just need reflection write up.

Part 1:

Prepare a one-page reflection writes up on human resource and accounting/finance, which addresses the following questions:

How is establishing a purpose statement and performance standards important to being an effective manager?

How does this section support the other sections of the SAW?

What research was used to support your work? Use APA style and formatting to cite your sources.

What current or past experiences did you draw from, if any?

Part 2

Attached is Memo: Doubling Sales from the Resources. Read the memo and determine how you will summarize it in your cover letter.

After evaluating the role of a manger, prepare a cover letter that will presumably be attached to the CEO memo. The cover letter should reflect these qualities:

Summarize the main points of the memo, highlighting and reiterating key points of the CEO memo.

-Reflect a writing level that is appropriate to your readers. Keep in mind these two factors:

Your readers are the employees of your functional area that you manage, and the appropriate reading difficulty level is between sixth- and eighth-grade reading levels.

-Use active voice.

-Be clear and concise. Keep the total length within one page.

-Contain a well-crafted message, reflecting a style that promotes trust and builds collaboration.

-Prepare your cover letter as a new memo. Your cover letter should have your name in the from: field and also an appropriate Re: subject title.

-List the resources that you used in helping to prepare this assignment. Include these resources on a separate page and format them according to APA style and formatting guidelines.

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