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Theme #1: We all think we are in control of our decision-making but we are not.

It is daunting to know that we make decisions every day that are influenced by various factors for which we are not consciously aware. For the purpose of discussion, we will place these factors into three major areas: Bias, Culture, and Risk.

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Learning Activity #1: Related to Theme 1

As adults, we have to make decisions all the time. What to wear? What to eat for lunch? What major to study? Which job should I take? How good are your decision-making skills? Take the quiz using this link How good are your decision-making skills. Analyze the results.

  • Identify your strengths.
  • Discuss the areas you can improve your decision making skills. What could be done differently? Be sure to identify any personal biases.
  • How can pitfalls be avoided?

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