CIBC Bank Products Pricing Strategy for Millenials

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One page single space report needed on :

Pricing Strategy of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC): How and why should their pricing strategy and corresponding tactics needed to be change in the near future for Millennials?

The goal is to create a final paper reflecting product’s pricing strategy advice to CIBC on moving forward especially with regards to changing environment due to number of Fin-tech companies and how to effectively target Millennials.

Additional Information (Background)

Currently, CIBC operates through three segments that offer their clients with financial advice, banking, investment, and authorized insurance products and services, advisory services covering relationships aimed at meeting their clients’ needs. Some of the products which they offer to millennials range from personal banking, educational loans, mortgages, credit cards, financial advisory services etc.

Introductory and conclusion paragraph not needed.

Feel free to use any sources.. Most of the data favors CIBC pricing strategy but need to find out different flaws

Some useful links:………

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