Presentation Evaluations

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Presentation Evaluations

Due by Day 1. Post your PowerPoint presentation from Week
Four’s assignment, “Leadership and Management,” as an attachment. Enter
the topic or title of your PowerPoint into the subject line and body of
your post. Your instructor will assign a classmate with whom you will
exchange PowerPoint evaluations for your second post due by Day 3.

Due by Day 3. Evaluate the PowerPoint presentation of your assigned classmate. Your evaluation should address the following:

  1. What was the biggest take-away from your classmate’s presentation?
  2. What was something new that you learned from your classmate’s presentation?
  3. Ask at least one question regarding the content of the presentation (unrelated to style or mechanics).
  4. Offer at least one suggestion for content improvement. Be sure to
    support your suggestion by referring to either course materials or
    outside reading.

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