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“When revising and editing, I like to read it back to myself out loud to see if I have missed anything that should be in the paper and to make sure it flows correctly. During this stage I work on my overall tone, when I am reading out loud not only am I looking for mistakes or missing words but I am also thinking about how it sounds, is it confrontational? Is it neutral? It all depends on what I am going for and what type of project I am working on. Almost at the same time or after I try and make sure my paragraphs are correct and that I am getting the reader’s attention by explaining what I am talking about in the first sentence, sometimes I do struggle with this part, I like to lead into the paragraph so it’s not always the first sentence but sometimes the second or third depending on what point I am trying to make. Last but not least I look into the detail, does it have enough detail? Or too little? I don’t believe that there such thing as too little detail but it does happen on occasion if you are not going to explain that detail and why it is important. Sometimes I think that detail and sentence fragments go hand and hand, if there isn’t enough detail then the sentence becomes a fragment and does not explain the whole issue or problem. This week’s reading didn’t really change anything that I didn’t already do, I can’t say that I am the best at writing but over the years I have gained a little more appreciation for it then I had when I was younger.”

When responding to the classmates from above (i) give another specific item (not listed in his/her post) that you believe should be on his/her revision/edit checklist and why; and (ii) how you would suggest the student modify her revision/editing process and why.

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