Review exercise for The Tempest

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The purpose of this exercise is to prompt you to re-examine Prospero’s personality, motives and conduct of power.

1. Reread Prospero’s long flashback regarding the loss of his dukedom of Milan (1.2.66- 170). In a paragraph, summarize what you learn about Prospero’s character from this passage–his state of mind then and now, his exercise of power as a duke, his preoccupations, his motives for revealing this information to Miranda. How might this passage explain Prospero’s behavior later in the play?

2. Identify two other passages in the play where an important quality of Prospero’s character is revealed. Write down the line numbers of each passage, and in a sentence or two summarize the quality of Prospero’s character that is revealed. Be as specific as you can in naming the quality revealed in each passage.

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