West Coast University Week 4 Code of Conduct Discussion

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During week 4, you will write a paper about employee codes of conduct.

Most businesses have an employee code of ethics, but some businesses see the document as just another human resources requirement. Most employees see the document as one more thing to read, one more training to attend, or one more document to sign. In fact, these documents can set the tone for the behavior of employees, especially when the employees are properly educated on the contents of the document and how to handle ethical questions.

In Discussion Prompt 1 in the Week 4 Discussion Forum, you will be asked to analyze St. Martha’s Employee Code of Conduct. It may be helpful to complete that task before beginning this assignment.

For this assignment,

  • Write a paper about employee codes of conduct using information from your textbook and at least two other scholarly sources.
  • First, research employee codes of ethics, especially for the medical field. Next, find some examples of employee codes of ethics from medical facilities and choose the one from the facility you feel is the best. Please note the facility and the code of ethics you are choosing.
    • Next, discuss why you chose that particular code of ethics as the best example (e.g., What topics does it cover? Why are these important? How does it word information?).
    • Also, discuss the items of ethical concern in a medical setting that were not covered at all or that were not covered well in the document.
  • Finally, present a plan of action for educating your staff on a new employee code of ethics. Remember that we now live in a world of entertainment where an old-fashioned lecture and PowerPoint presentation will cause every employee to block you out after a very short amount of time. Such critical information needs to be heard and understood—and as an administrator, you have to be able to accomplish that task.

Your paper should be at least two pages, using proper APA format. For assistance with APA formatting, click on the “Student Resources” tab, and then click on “Writing Resources.”

Submit your assignment by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time).

Points possible: 75

Your textbook may be used as a reference. The APA format for your text is as follows:

Reference: Pozgar, G. D. (2016). Legal and ethical issues for health professionals (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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