Argumentative Essay About The Tale of Kieu

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THEME 2. Write One Essay or the other. The first essay is the more complex of the two and will carry a higher payoff–like grading the difficulty of a dive in the Olympics.

A. Argue whether a character or the actions of a character, or any portion or the”The Tale of Kieu is Immoral,” a hypothesis advanced by a critically thinking, good student in this course. When you choose this route — in addition to using some definition of moral/immoral — use the Toulmin model of first acknowledging the opposition — see The Toulmin Model in Unit 4 of your Writing Text. That is to say, in your first body paragraph, you want to assume that the opposite of your position is true. If you believe this work to be immoral, in your first body paragraph you should advance the arguments for the morality of the work.
If you believe it to be a moral work, and that is your thesis, in your first body paragraph you must advance the arguments that would cause one to believe it to be an immoral work. In either case you will need at least two body paragraphs to offset the first negative paragraph or vice versa. (We are obviously talking Comparison/Contrast here. No matter which approach you choose, think small.)
or B. Argue how Du uses one element of literature to develop one theme in The Tale of Kieu. This is an extension of the approach you used in your paragraph on “Mr. Green,” but here you are writing a full essay with ALL of the requisite parts and pieces. I encourage you NOT to write about plot. Focus, restrict and think small. Chose the image of the moon, or a type of recurring flower, or one minor character.

Feel free to ask questions or offer comments, critical or otherwise, about this assignment. Minimum 750 words, with parenthetical notes and Works Cited. In your Works Cited include a statement summarizing with whom you worked. YOU MUST HAVE A PEER EDITOR FROM THE CLASS.

Unit 9 of the Writing Guide contains a sample of how to peer edit using ALL CAPS and what your work should look like.

The correct Works Cited entry is above. Works Cited entries are done alphabetically by the last name of the author. Do not number your Works Cited entries. Put “Works Cited” centered on the top of a new page. Do not forget to include with whom you worked and also whether you used an outside source such as NET TUTOR or Smartthinking.

Five outstanding sample essays are on the Research Page at Links to an external site.

Admin: In your Works Cited include the names of those persons with whom you worked–ATC Writing Center visits encouraged. Once again, Name and section #, Double Space, 14 pt font and left justify only. THINK SMALL, focus, narrow, restrict, less is more. . . . . Enjoy writing your paper. Include pictures and take some risks.

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