Exhibit Stage 3

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Henry this is a continuation of the previous exhibit paper………including previous exhibit paper from 2 weeks ago and grading critera.

Write a contextual analysis of your theme looking both at the past and the present. Seek out the larger sociological, religious, and political concepts that may influence the formal and thematic qualities in the artistic artifacts you wish to provide in your exhibit. This will be a detailed description of your theme and how it connects the chosen area of the course content and the modern. Think about why your viewers might be interested in your topic. In what ways might they make connections with your exhibition topic? This might include an examination of your theme through subject matter, style, or choice of media; information on how the topic has been treated by other scholars and how they compare or contrast with your theme’s exploration of the subject, and historical context for understanding the theme you have chosen to focus on. This will serve as the introduction to the final project. Use at least 3 of your 6 scholarly references; you may use more if needed. This should between 3-5 double-spaced pages. Submit by the end of week 4 to the provided area.


  • 3-5 page paper in MLA format with minimum of 3 scholarly references cited properly.


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