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Respond to this statement is 4 to 5 sentences about infrastructure components.

  • This is quite interesting. if i am following you correctly, you are saying that multiple computers is not “more powerful” than a single computer. I find that to be both true and not true. There are many components to a computer that deems it powerful but to keep brief i will just focus on the processor. It is true that 3 computers each with say a 740 khz processor is going to be weaker than a single computer with a multi core Ghz and it will not be true if the 3 computers were the ones with the stronger processor versus the single one with the weaker one.In today’s technological advances, it seems that there is always something new and better that comes out every year right before black friday and Christmas, just in time for the holidays. A good example is how Apple almost always releases a new iphone every year. Its hard to keep up with it but maybe one day a single mobile phone will be enough to run a country.

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