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Online text of Oedipus Rex. (your worksheet questions correspond to this text)

1- What is the chorus’ opinion of Tiresias? How does Oedipus describe him when greeting him?

2- What does Oedipus mean by the statement, “even if you cannot see, you still understand/what sickness plagues our city”?

3- Explain what Tiresias means by his first statement to Oedipus. “Alas, alas,. what misery to be wise/When wisdom profits nothing!”

4- Why does Tiresias at first seem to refuse to help Oedipus?

5- How does Oedipus feel about Tiresias’ behavior? Why does he think Tiresias has a special responsibility to help the city?

6- What terrible thing does Oedipus accuse Tiresias of doing? How does he further insult the seer?

7- Goaded into anger by Oedipus, what does Tiresias tell him?

8- What is Oedipus’ reaction to Tiresias’ revelations? What alternative ways does he explain why Tiresias would make them?

9- What previous situation does Oedipus criticize Tiresias for failing to help? How does Oedipus say he solved the problem as opposed to how Tiresias would have?

10- In what ways is Oedipus blind or will he be blind according to Tiresias?

11-Why does Tiresias say that Oedipus, of all people, should understand his riddles?

12- Although there is confusion about which one to believe, Tiresias or Oedipus, whom does the chorus support? Why?

13- How does the chorus defend Oedipus against Creon’s anger?

14- What does Oedipus accuse Creon of doing? On what does Oedipus base this accusation?

15- What arguments does Creon use to defend himself?

16- In what way does Creon’s behavior contrast with Oedipus’?

17- Why does Jocasta believe Oedipus and Creon should be ashamed of themselves?

18- What does Creon say that persuades Jocasta to urge Oedipus to believe him?

19- How does Oedipus characterize what the chorus is asking of him?

20- Why does Oedipus decide to let Creon go?

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